In the life of every website owner, there comes a time when the capabilities of conventional hosting are not enough and understanding comes that it is necessary to change shared hosting to VPS – a virtual server. The main advantages of this type of service are independence from the influence of other users on this physical server.

      In Which Cases It Is Advisable To Switch To VPS

      In order to make it easier for you to decide whether your site needs to switch to VPS, we have compiled for you three security issues.

      1. Are you worried about security?

      In the case of a VPS server, each client has its own isolated operating system and, breaking one VPS, an attacker will not be able to access the data of all clients of the physical server. Thus, you do not depend on literacy and accuracy from server neighbors.

      In addition, a separate operating system will allow you to configure your web server and other software using a more stringent security policy than on a regular server.

      2. You have an online store

      If you have an online store that needs to accept and store credit cards, then the bank will require that your website hosting comply with PCI DSS.

      This level of security cannot be achieved on shared hosting and VPS is the most affordable of all hosting options, with which you can pass PCI DSS certification.

      3. Slow work of your site

      As your site develops, it becomes more and more “difficult” – this is due to the addition of new functionality and plugins. Simultaneously with the expansion of opportunities, the number of visitors is growing, so the site requires a greater amount of computing resources, since with a massive influx of users they are not enough, and the site begins to slow down.      As soon as you start to notice this, you should think about switching to VPS hosting Hong Kong. This will allow your site to not only get more resources, but also work more efficiently, since VPS has the ability to optimize software settings for maximum performance specifically for your site.

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