Thin Client ERP

Thin Client ERP

What is the definition of Thin Client ERP? Thin client software refers to the relationship of the client (the end users’ computer) to the server where the software is stored and data is processed. A central server relays input information and feedback from and to the client machine. The opposite of thin client, thick client software performs most of the processing on the remote computer, then passes only data to be stored to the server. Many thin client devices run are capable of running from web broswers (referred to as browser-based software), because all significant processing occurs on the server.

This is beneficial since thin client computers are far less expensive than the computers needed to run thick client ERP software. Since most ERP systems are thick client, it can be difficult to find a thin client ERP system that includes the capabilites needed to optimize your business strategies. one software company that offers agile thin client ERP system is Tuppas Software, Tuppas is a company that specializes in modifiable software which maximizes a proactive team’s continuous improvement efforts.

In addition to cost savings on hardware, thin client systems provide many other advantages. Browser-based systems can be accessed from multiple locations without limiting the number of concurrent users. Upgrades and software changes occur at one location, so IT departments do not need to travel or spend time upgrading software on individual computers. Storing data in a central location and using the same software at all one’s facilities offers high-level views into business performance.

Thin client ERP is what all companies will be using in the next 5 to 10 years. Choosing a flexible system not only allows for growth, but also lets one take advantage of business opportunities and continuous improvement projects.

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