“My Production Scheduling is rather simple …”

“My Production Scheduling is rather simple …”

Is it? Is the production scheduling you need to do rather simple? You’ve been making those awnings and those canvas boat covers for years. And the crew in the sewing room can repair those damaged rental tents in no time flat. What in the world would you need a Production Scheduling software system for?

Well frankly, you need it for a lot of reasons.

In a lot of locations a tent and awning shop is seasonal. New orders can come it at any time through the year, and if the shop has a booth at the spring home & garden show there might be dozens of new awning orders. But then there’s the seasonal awning business. Awnings are stored in the winter at your storage facility and installed in the spring. Installations could easily take a month. Repairs have to be made if anything is found to be damaged prior to installation (danged mice …) Through the summer the tent rental season is just hopping, what with graduations in May, weddings and other events in the summer, and the fall festivals. In the fall the awnings have to be collected from the homes they were installed on in the spring, inspected for damage (high winds and driving rains can be nasty), dry-cleaned, and packed for the winter storage. Winter is also the best time to get all those tents inspected for damage from usage.

In all that we didn’t even mention the boat covers …

How are you keeping track of all this now? When the Mayor’s house calls and wants their awnings installed tomorrow morning as the Governor is coming for dinner and all three installation crews are already booked, how do you rearrange the schedule to accomodate such an event without going through all kinds of discontent?

If you just happened to have a Production Scheduling system with a bit of artificial intelligence to handle such matters, it would make life so much easier.

It’s a matter of perspective. You may not believe you need Production Scheduling software. But you very well might.

Think about it.

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