How to choose a carpet by size and material?

How to choose a carpet by size and material?

How to choose a carpet by size and material?

Nowadays, interior design is important because we need to enjoy our pastime in our homes. A carpet is one of the most important things. We choose it due to a cold. Sitting at the computer is much more pleasant with a soft rug on the floor. Do you agree with me? The answer is obvious. We have collected the best tips for choosing a carpet for your home! 

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Useful advice for choosing a carpet by size and material

There are some rules which help in buying a carpet for any room. First, you should be sure which room to put the carpet in. After that you need to take into consideration the next rules:

  1. The size of the carpet 

There are three ways: the small rug near the sofa, a bigger carpet around the sofa, or floor carpet. The small rug near the sofa should be soft and with a long pile to warm your feet. They are used to highlight a specific place or to be as a decor element. Choose large carpets with care and attention: carpets with a side larger than 2.5 m attract the eye and become the center of the room. The one-color carpet in a calm pattern will be a better choice;

  1. The material of the carpet. All carpets are divided into several types:
  • Natural material

These are the natural carpets from sheep wool, silk, cotton, and animal skins. These are the most expensive carpets, they look great but require specific care. If you have an allergy to bed mites you should avoid such carpets;

  • Man-made carpets 

They are often confused with synthetic carpets. Man-made materials are those that have been produced from natural materials through processing and chemical reactions. For example, the viscose, which is obtained from cellulose fibers;

  • Synthetic carpets

They are completely artificial products. Synthetic carpets are cheap, easy-to-use, and durable.

Now you know which carpet you should choose by the size and material. Good luck!

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