GPS and Manufacturing Software

GPS and Manufacturing Software

I’m currently working on an application for Windows Mobile 6.1 which will allow drivers to login to a company’s custom-tailored software package while logging the driver’s location and the time he or she was at that location. One question I was asked about this was, “Isn’t this a bit intrusive?”

I don’t believe so. What’s really the difference between this and that same driver getting a signature from someone at a given location, along with a time-stamp on a piece of paper? There’s not much difference whatsoever, except that the other individual isn’t giving away a signature that could subsequently be used in an identity theft.

Asian automaker love bells, whistles, indicator lights, and charts and graphs. But early on, they drew the line at allowing electronic signatures on electronic documents as they felt they simply weren’t good enough. A real signature, even one with a wax sealm was considerably better for them. They’ve given in to electronic signatures recently. However, a GPS tracker with a time-stamp would actually be a better concept for their personal and manufacturing cultures.

Different cultures, both manufacturing and personal, require different software needs. This is why custom-tailored software is such a much better fit for manufacturers today.

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