Do You Need a Virtual Server Working on Linux?

Do You Need a Virtual Server Working on Linux?

Do You Need a Virtual Server Working on Linux?

In many IT-related circles, Linux is dubbed a superior OS compared to Windows due to its stability, security and overall functionality. Tech-savvy users prefer to use it for coding and everyday tasks, and if you’re an active user of Android, you’re using it constantly too. But when it comes to choosing a VPS hosting, is Linux-based option also more preferable? Let’s take a quick look at the advantages VPS Linux has, and which hosting provider can get you the best user experience with this OS.

Why Linux?

Linux is the open-source software and it has a lot of benefits related to this fact. From the active community that can help solve virtually any issue and answer any question to the free upgrades coming out every half a year or so. What’s not to like? But there’s more:

  1. It supports multiple platforms for virtualization.
  2. It is highly secured, much safer and more resistant to malware and attacks than Windows.
  3. It’s affordable.
  4. It’s very flexible, ensuring quicker processing and installation of different languages and applications.

Considering all that, it’s safe to say Linux-based VPS is a good choice, just be sure you understand how to properly use it.

Picking a hosting provider

Among the plethora of companies with Linux VPS tariff plans, HostZealot stands out the most with its cost-efficient pricing and impeccable customer service, available 24/7. Other advantages of becoming this company’s client include: 

  1. High levels of reliability with secure facilities, power backups, climate control, and independent storage.
  2. Nodes located in the US, the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, and Hong Kong.
  3. Premium server hardware.
  4. XCache, VNC access and IPv6 for increased speed and productivity.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so it’s better to check out their site to see available offers and pick the one that you like. Decide how much space you need, what bandwidth, RAM and CPU will suit your needs, and get a plan. And don’t be scared to go wrong – you can always switch plans or upgrade when the time comes.

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